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Here, at Corner Beauty Place, we offer a selection of professional beauty treatments, all designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and looking great.

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Treat yourself to a pampering face or body treatment to make you feel as good as you deserve to.

I love what I do, and this job is my passion. I have followed my vision to deliver the most innovative, result-driven beauty treatments and skincare education to my clients, with a focus on their relaxation, skin health and confidence. My salon is a place where comfort meets professionalism. I offer personalised treatments that suit individual needs and help achieve significant results for a wide variety of skin conditions.


My mission is to create a space where everyone can unwind and receive expert help with their skin and body concerns. My goal is to provide a professional and caring service to each and every client to improve their skin, confidence and happiness.
Anna Sulikowska
Skin Expert, Brow and Lash Specialist

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123 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10160, United States.

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Aroma Therapy

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Skin Treatment

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